Cambré – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dance Terminology Glossary

I. What is Cambré in dance? Cambré is a classical ballet term that refers to a movement where a dancer bends their body in a graceful arch, typically from the waist, creating a beautiful and fluid curve with their back. The word “cambré” is derived from the French word meaning “arched” or “curved,” which perfectly … Read more

Dance Symbolism – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dance Theory Glossary

I. What is Dance Symbolism? Dance symbolism is the use of gestures, movements, and expressions to convey deeper meanings and emotions within a dance performance. Just as in literature and art, symbolism in dance allows choreographers and dancers to communicate ideas, themes, and narratives that go beyond the physical movements themselves. By incorporating symbolic elements … Read more

Cognitive Dance Studies – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dance Theory Glossary

I. What is Cognitive Dance Studies? Cognitive Dance Studies is a relatively new field of study that explores the intersection of cognitive science and dance. It seeks to understand how the brain processes and perceives movement, and how this understanding can inform dance practice and education. By examining the cognitive processes involved in dance, researchers … Read more

Ballroom dance shoes – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dancewear & Costumes Glossary

What are ballroom dance shoes? Ballroom dance shoes are specialized footwear designed for dancers who perform various styles of ballroom dancing. These shoes are specifically crafted to provide dancers with the necessary support, flexibility, and comfort required to execute intricate dance moves with ease and grace. Ballroom dance shoes come in a variety of styles, … Read more

Dance staging – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Choreography Glossarsy

I. What is Dance Staging? Dance staging is the process of planning and organizing the physical space in which a dance performance takes place. It involves determining the placement of dancers, props, and lighting to create a visually appealing and cohesive performance. Dance staging is essential for ensuring that the audience can see and appreciate … Read more