Développé – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dance Techniques Glossary

I. What is Développé in dance?

Développé is a classical ballet term that translates to “developed” in French. It is a movement where a dancer extends one leg to the front, side, or back while keeping the other leg bent. This elegant and graceful movement is often seen in ballet performances and requires strength, flexibility, and control.

II. How is Développé executed?

To execute a Développé, a dancer starts in a standing position with their feet in a turned-out position. They then lift one leg off the floor and slowly extend it to the desired direction while keeping the supporting leg straight. The movement should be controlled and fluid, with the leg reaching its full extension before returning to the starting position.

III. What are the different variations of Développé?

There are several variations of Développé that dancers can incorporate into their performances. Some common variations include:

– Grand Développé: This is a high développé where the leg is lifted as high as possible while maintaining control and balance.
– Développé à la Seconde: In this variation, the leg is extended to the side, creating a beautiful line from the fingertips to the toes.
– Développé en Arabesque: This variation involves extending the leg to the back while maintaining a strong and lifted upper body.

IV. What are the common mistakes to avoid when performing Développé?

When performing Développé, dancers should be mindful of common mistakes that can affect the quality of the movement. Some mistakes to avoid include:

– Dropping the supporting hip: It is important to keep the hips level and square throughout the movement to maintain proper alignment.
– Overarching the back: Dancers should focus on engaging their core muscles to prevent excessive arching of the back.
– Allowing the working leg to drop: The working leg should be lifted and extended with control to create a beautiful line.

V. How can dancers improve their Développé technique?

To improve their Développé technique, dancers can incorporate specific exercises into their training routine. Some tips for improving Développé technique include:

– Stretching regularly to improve flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.
– Strengthening the core muscles to support the body during the movement.
– Practicing Développé at the barre to focus on alignment and control.

VI. What are some tips for incorporating Développé into choreography?

When incorporating Développé into choreography, dancers should consider the following tips to enhance the overall performance:

– Focus on musicality and timing to ensure that the movement flows seamlessly with the music.
– Pay attention to the quality of the movement, emphasizing extension and control.
– Experiment with different variations of Développé to add variety and interest to the choreography.

In conclusion, Développé is a beautiful and challenging movement that requires strength, flexibility, and control. By understanding the proper technique, avoiding common mistakes, and incorporating specific exercises into their training routine, dancers can improve their Développé technique and enhance their overall performance. Incorporating Développé into choreography can add elegance and grace to a dance piece, making it a valuable skill for dancers to master.