Dance collective – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Dance Education Glossary

What is a Dance Collective?

A dance collective is a group of dancers who come together to create and perform dance works. Unlike a traditional dance company, a dance collective is typically a more collaborative and democratic organization where dancers have a say in the creative process and decision-making. Dance collectives often focus on experimentation, innovation, and pushing boundaries in dance.

How are Dance Collectives Formed?

Dance collectives can be formed in a variety of ways. Some are started by a group of dancers who come together with a shared vision and passion for dance. Others may be formed by a choreographer or artistic director who invites dancers to join the collective. In some cases, dance collectives may be formed as a response to a specific need or opportunity in the dance community, such as a desire to explore a particular style or genre of dance.

What is the Purpose of a Dance Collective?

The purpose of a dance collective can vary depending on the goals and values of the group. Some dance collectives are focused on creating and performing innovative and experimental dance works. Others may prioritize community engagement and outreach, using dance as a tool for social change and activism. The purpose of a dance collective is often to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for dancers to explore their creativity and develop their skills.

How Do Dance Collectives Benefit Dancers?

Dance collectives offer a number of benefits to dancers. By working collaboratively with other dancers, dancers have the opportunity to learn from each other, share ideas, and push themselves creatively. Dance collectives also provide a platform for dancers to showcase their work and connect with audiences. Additionally, dance collectives can offer dancers a sense of community and belonging, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking.

What Types of Dance Collectives Exist?

There are many different types of dance collectives, each with its own unique focus and approach to dance. Some dance collectives are dedicated to a specific style or genre of dance, such as contemporary, hip hop, or ballet. Others may be interdisciplinary, incorporating elements of theater, music, and visual art into their work. Some dance collectives are grassroots and community-based, while others may be more professional and performance-oriented. The diversity of dance collectives reflects the diversity of the dance community as a whole.

How Can Dancers Join a Dance Collective?

Dancers interested in joining a dance collective can start by researching and reaching out to collectives in their area or online. Many dance collectives have websites or social media pages where they post information about auditions, workshops, and performances. Dancers can also attend classes, workshops, and events hosted by dance collectives to get a sense of their style and approach. Joining a dance collective often involves a formal audition process, but some collectives may also accept dancers on a more informal basis. Ultimately, joining a dance collective is about finding a group of like-minded dancers who share your passion for dance and are committed to creating and performing innovative and exciting work.