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Its primary goal is to be a forerunner in advancing dance coaching with distinction as a foundational value.  

We also desire to motivate beginners to seek genuine involvement in dance and the theatrical arts. Moreover, our second goal is to promote imaginativeness and invention in all facets of dance.   

Our dance workshop combines classical ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, and hip hop to suit different dance students.

We advise that youngsters begin their dance training with our Classical Ballet Classes. We’ve established these classes for children between ages three and four. The Classical Ballet Classes concentrates on musicality, innovation, and imagination. 

Our contemporary dance classes are for learners between ten years and above and emphasize creativity and general fitness. A few elements of this dance form are contact improvisation, floor work, and recovery.

Learners at the Modern Dance classes are aged six and above. Modern dance is an energetic dance style that utilizes high kicks and leaps and turns.

Furthermore, our hip-hop dance classes are for students aged ten and more. This dance form is very prominent and an effective way to maintain shape. Our dance workshop faculty comprises dance specialists from various backgrounds, passionate about realizing our dance workshop goals.


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